Redoing the internet cafe or should I say PC’s?

10 Philippine pesos and other coinsAfter a bit of thought on the computers from the internet cafe this morning I decided I could either plod along as it is with the 2 PCs or look to try and gain back the old custom. First thing I did was dip some paint and grab a bit of plywood to create a couple of signs for outside the gate as I was starting to wonder if many people thought the net-cafe had completely disappeared because its further round the building in a different location. Second issue was price as most people seem to be running on P10 per hour which leaves around P8 an hour after you take out the electric consumption. So dropped the price to P10 an hour added it to one sign and on the other sign made it minimum payment of P1 = 5mins anyone doing the maths here will notice that the P1 rate equals P12 an hour as most kids don’t care about the hourly rate they just struggle to get P6 or P12 to pay for half or an hour but they generally have P1 – P3 continuously throughout the day.. well enough to feed the PC’s.

internet sign Result from the changes? so far had to put 3 PC’s out and have had 1 – 3 on all day yet to have a time without at least one person using a computer which in my book is a result considering the demise hitting P150 a day income to now going to have to hopefully look at adding another 3 PCs again as I can see the students coming back with the new terms. Generally I was catching them after PE at school at least once a week which normally meant lots of girls coming in at once and spending 1 – 2 hours each. Will see how it goes, one thing I will say though is I will never put computers back inside a house simply because the kids give me a headache, maybe I am getting old or simply I can’t stand lots of people playing different music on speakers side by side (before someone says headphones, previous post the kids were eating the mic covers and ear covers as well as snapping the cables on the headphones seems more like a zoo sometimes).

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  1. May 17, 2011 at 12:49 pm

    Thanks for this info, Matt. I recently was in a dilemma about what to do with my computers which will seat idly by in my apartment in Balanga because I decided to stop the linkbuilding business I started with a partner due to health reasons.

    Now, all I need to do is to find a suitable place in Balanga to put up an internet cafe business so I could put those computers to use.

    Also, I’ve taken the liberty to include your blog as a link to expat blogs in the Philippines which I think would help Canadian blog readers interested about living in the Philippines –

    BTW, I found your site via Dave’s PhilFAQs latest comment. Thanks again.