Red Thai Chicken Curry By April Wilkie

April cooked a fantastic curry this afternoon and I just wanted to share the recipe and video on how to make it. Highly recommend!
The Red Thai chicken curry has a few alterations for Europe e.g. the coconut milk has been swapped with Greek Yoghurt although not only does it work as well it’s a healthier option. Adding to that we have thrown in a few raisins. The Thai curry takes around 20 minutes to prepare although well worth the wait. The chicken becomes fall of the bone tasty and soaks up the flavour of the curry.
We knocked up this delicious meal at our small kitchen in La Mata, Spain. Which is a little cramped for video work due to the layout but April seems to have done a good job of putting the video together for the food with my narration explaining what is going on as April is a little shy to talk on the videos.

Music credit :-
“Bumba Crossing” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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