Recent construction projects at home

I have been receiving a lot of interest in the construction projects we have been doing here and asking if there are any current updates on them. What has happened is that we are revamping the internet cafe and going to re-launch it with some upgrades as well as the Sari-Sari has become a substantial size from what we originally thought. Top that with a few jiggling’s going on with other ventures and a few new ones being added the construction projects have been put on a shelf although not forgotten. Reason being the capital for the next project will be in the region of P250,000+ which is a fair chunk of change which I am hoping to work into 3 or 4 phases so it doesn’t put a strain on anything else while its ongoing. Once finished though it will add an extra apartment and ready us for buying another lot. We were hoping another lot would come available first and prepared for that but none of the ones we want are available so pushing through with the other things instead.

We are also offloading the multicab, old scooter and the jeepy. Nope we haven’t fallen into despair and poverty but looked at how often we need them. Registration costs for the vehicles costs us just under P10,000 per year the multi cab hasn’t been used for at least 12 months. The Jeepy goes out a couple of times a month and on top of that the scooter needs a complete overhaul. So running the figures through on a calculator comparing need to vanity we really don’t need them at all it works out cheaper to use taxi’s when required. No maintenance, no fuel, no hassles!

On the other hand though we did need to still be mobile for the routine stuff which is why we have taken on a new scooter. Offloading over P100,000 of assets over the next couple of months to allow us to continue our projects that will in turn give us a reliable income over constant expenditure. The big question would be should we spend the P100k on doing over two thirds of the next apartment or put it into something to slowly increase.