Real Pinoy Pride – Love The Philippines To Create Change

I came across this video today by accident although it does show the same frustrations I have on the Philippines buy from a Korean’s point of view. Question is should I write about it or just let you watch the video?

Hopefully you have watched the video already and the question for me is how do you get people to change and have real Pinoy Pride and nationalism to not only improve oneself but everything around. As is mentioned in the video corruption is like a cancer on everything at the same time giving up doesn’t improve anything either. I think the bonds have to start with small groups that as they find corruption cut it out of their organisations and the people that are doing it. I have met many people over the last few years that have been involved in both charity and government projects all of which they abandoned due to the problems of corruption in everything they tried to do. People of integrity disassociating themselves from the corrupt as far as even taking early retirement out of a feeling of helplessness to stop the Philippines cancer.

But at the same time these people could form a pretty well educated and functional group amongst themselves as they do have the capabilities to run an organisation that can create change as well as want to do it. They just want no corruption and not to be connected to anything corrupt. Its these types of people and people like yourself if your strong enough to say no to corruption that can change the country for the better. Many of the changes are small yet make a huge difference, people are the real power in a country and many people have the capabilities to make the Philippines a country to be proud of once more.