Re-Entry Permit, Special Return and Emigration Clearance Certificates – Philippines

A Re-Entry Permit is a document issued by the Bureau of Immigration to an immigrant or a permanent resident as a travel document. An immigrant or a permanent resident uses a re-entry permit to re-enter the Philippines within the one-year validity from the date of its issuance which should be applied prior to leaving the Philippines.

A re-entry permit is used in addition to the immigrant or permanent resident visa and passport. However, it does not replace the visa or the passport.

A non-immigrant or a temporary resident also uses a re-entry permit to re-enter the Philippines by obtaining the Special Return Certificate (SRC) which is valid for one year from the date of issuance or until the date a non-immigrant or a temporary resident must apply for a visa extension or a new visa, whichever comes first. A non-immigrant or a temporary resident should apply for this certificate before leaving the Philippines.

Nevertheless, a permanent or a temporary resident who intends to travel within 30 days also uses a re-entry permit to re-enter the Philippines by using the Emigration Clearance Certificate or Exit Clearance Certificate which is valid for 30 days from the date of issuance of the re-entry permit.

The Re-Entry Permit, Immigration Visa or Passport Visa does not guarantee that a holder will be re-admitted to the Philippines.

A Re-Entry Permit does not relieve the holder from meeting the other requirements of the immigration laws. Persons who have been convicted of or admitted of committing fraud or deception or other crime or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude either before or after entering the Philippines and others found to be inadmissible under the immigration laws are subject to exclusion if attempting to reenter, despite in possession of permits to re-enter.

Note: The Immigration Officer at the port of entry always has the right to refuse entry to any visa or permit holder if he or she deems that the individual has falls within one of the grounds for exclusion under the Philippine Immigration law.

Re-Entry Permit (RP) or Special Return Certificate (SRC) Requirements

1. Duly accomplished Application Form
– For RP – Attach ACR and ICR
– For SRC – Attach ACR and CRTV, CRTT, CRPE or CRTs
– For SIRV Holders – Certification from BOI Internal Audit
2. Original Receipt of Annual Report
3. Clear copy of the applicant’s passport
4. 3 pieces, recent 2 x 2 colored picture
5. Attach original Re-Entry Permit or Special Return Certificate

Re-Entry Permit (RP) or Special Return Certificate (SRC) Extension Requirements

1. Letter request addressed to the Commissioner
2. Original copy of the Re-Entry Permit (RP) or Special Return Certificate (SRC)
3. Borrower’s Slip
4. Clear copy of the applicant’s passport
5. Original copy of the ACR and ICR, NBCR, CRTV Etc.
6. Attach original Re-Entry Permit or Special Return Certificate

Re-Entry Permit (RP) / Special Return Certificate (SRC) with the Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC) Requirements

1. Application Form
2. Original copy of ACR and ICR, NBCR, CRTV, CRTT, CRPE and CRTs (as the case may be)
3. Photocopy of the passport
4. 3 pieces, recent holders, submit Certification issued by BOI Internal Audit Unit

Fees (in Pesos) for Permanent Resident Visa (13A), Treaty Trader’s Visa (9D), Pre-Arranged Employee – Commercial and Missionary Visas for Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC) before departure

ECC                                                                                                         700
CE (below 14 years old)                                                                             200
Annual Report Fee (59 days before/after the end of year)
– Arrival on or before November 2 of previous year                                         310
– Monthly fine for delayed annual report                                                       200
Total (w/o CE)                                                                                       1,410

Fine for overstaying per month                                                                    500
Motion for Reconsideration                                                                         510
Non-appearance in filing of annual report                                                      500

Fees (in Pesos) for Temporary Resident Visa (13A) Holder’s Application for Special Return Certificate (SRC), Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC) and Certificate of Exemption (CE) before departure

Multiple SRC (valid for (1) year)

ECC                               &#1
60;                                                                          700
CE (for minors)                                                                                           200
SRC and form (1) year                                                                              1,450
Head Tax                                                                                                    250
Express lane fee                                                                                         500
Total                                                                                                       3,100

Fees (in Pesos) for Immigrant Quota (13) Application for Re-Entry Permit, Emigration Clearance Certificate and Certificate of Exemption

Multiple Re-entry Permit                                                                          1,450
ECC                                                                                                         700
LRF                                                                                                            20
Head Tax                                                                                                  250
Express                                                                                                    500
Total                                                                                                      2,920
**If minor, replace with CE                                                                           200

Subsequent trips (Single)
ECC                                                                            &#1
60;                            700
RPP                                                                                                         700
LRF                                                                                                           20
Head Tax                                                                                                  250
Express Lane Fee                                                                                     500
Total                                                                                                     2,170
**If minor, replace with CE                                                                          200

Fees (in Pesos) for Alien Certificate of Registration Application for the Re-Entry Permit, Special Return Certificate and Emigration Clearance Certificate

Initial RP/SRC Issuance

RP/SRC                                                                                                 1,400
ECC-B                                                                                                      700
Head Tax                                                                                                  250
LRF                                                                                                            30
Express Lane                                                                                            500
Total                                                                                                      2,880

RP/SRC Re-Issuance

RP/SRC                                                                      &#16
0;                              700
ECC-B                                                                                                        700
Head Tax                                                                                                    250
LRF                                                                                                             20
Express Lane                                                                                              500
Total                                                                                                        2,170

Places of Application

At the Main Office

1. Secure OPS at Counter 36, G/F CCPF Bldg.
2. For payment, proceed to the Cashier Counters 1 to 7 at G/F BI Main Bldg.
3. For implementation, proceed to Counter 42, G/F CCPF Bldg.

At the Airport

1. Proceed to the Immigration Cashier Counter for assessment and payment of fees.
2. After payment, proceed to the Immigration Officer of the Day (OD) Counter or designated ACR I-Card Counters for boarding/departure clearance.

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