Rainy season in the Philippines should start next month be warned..

Driving in the Philippines is a bit of a unique experience but driving in the rain its a bit like grand theft auto on steroids. Generally people will start to go faster instead of slower and more lanes in the road open up not as in a bigger road but people start passing on the wrong side of the road trying to come up from anywhere they can find a gap to get home faster. I asked my wife about it and the reason is that a lot of people believe its raining so getting home faster will be safer. Not the fact that everyone going to Chaos is likely to cause a lot of accidents. But its also funny with the electrics on the Jeepy and the multicab as my windscreen wipers only work in dry weather as soon as the rain starts they stop moving. Reminds me I have something to fix this week. Another important thing is that the roads quickly get bad flooding spots especially if its near a river or low lying prime example is this location on the Tubod road at Minglanilla. From-Pakigne-to-Tubod From-Tubod-to-Pakigne2

May not seem to much of a major thing once your used to it but a friend of ours couldn’t get home for 3 days out in the provinces last year and another friends Journey took an extra 5 hours travelling due to the rain. So things to be aware of especially if just going to be touring here as the landscape quickly changes in bad weather.