Rains stops play

The last few days with the heavy rain have pretty much stopped play or more importantly work as we simply can’t get out without being soaked. This is one of the downsides with the weather as it can add days or weeks to things as it’s not just us but often people will just not do anything until the weather clears up. Things like construction work grind to a halt same as even some people not turning up at office jobs, all a little odd for me coming from the U.K. as we are used to just getting on with it regardless of the weather. I can understand a bit of concern with the weather here due to the humidity and constant temperature that happily spreads colds and flu’s as well as more serious diseases and infections.

For us it’s the main issue of locating property for some people online as although I have no issue going to find them the issue is meeting the owners as it’s very likely they won’t meet me until the weather clears up. At the same it’s given us a few days to sort the blogs out and start to prepare for the new riding around ventures as I found some errors in the blog that affect its rankings. Currently still trying to look for an issue that’s caused it a page rank drop although the numbers have still been going up on the readership, I do get a feeling a lot of the problems are related to speed and a poor server by HostGator not keeping up with the blogs.

All in all though going to be a slow week as we have money prepped from abroad that isn’t going to arrive until the last day of the month and some around the 15th of next month slowing down things I want to do including buying that new lens!

It’s a typical time living in the Philippines as the issues of banking a lot slower and more paranoid on security than anywhere else I have been, meaning we suffer getting our cash while the banks hold onto our money for literally weeks extra.