Rain in the Philippines and old memories

Like most of the rain here it comes in hard and heavy without warning and today was no exception. As the rain pounding the roofs I headed up to the balcony to watch the palm trees bending with the winds and the rainwater was dense in the sky it seemed like waves as it crossed on the open air. The high winds had brought the rain in at an angle pretty much making the balcony area not the driest place to be standing.

The roadway quickly turned to a small brook as it washed the waters out of the narrow side roads into the main road heading down towards the river.

Standing up there reminded me of a trip I took many years ago to an island off Hong Kong which was a bit of a cultural experience back then as life on the island had pretty much stood still. I remember a river ran through the middle of a town and a small gondola type boat sat in the middle and you had to pay the ferryman to take you from one side of the town to the other yet the waterway was less than 15ft wide after you added the boat length meaning a quick push of a pole you had reached your destination. There was an old fort left by the Spanish or Portugese which pretty much showed how the landscape had changed over time as once it was on the coast where now you stood on the gun emplacements to look out to the sea as the shoreline was a lot further away than it used to be.

Getting back on top the rain reminded me of that trip as I stopped at a youth hostel on the island and during the heavy rains I used to stand on the balcony and look out to the rains listening to the high winds. There is something about rain and winds that make things feel quiet and content. Maybe its thoughts of the past of getting out the rains to a nice warm fireside at a local bar or getting home from a long trip through storms. Either way its always a reminder of good times and something others may find a bit strange but might be a British thing not sure..