Raffle Game For Sari-Sari – Great Profits

raffle_gameWe had someone turn up the other day with a backboard with games on it and a pile of tickets. Left them at our store and we get 20% of the sales from the game. Basically there is 600 tickets each ticket costing P1 and a selection of toys which are around P100 – P150. Strange thing is how busy this has been over trying to sell cheap toys as people are more likely to “gamble” on buying a raffle ticket than would actually pay P20 for a toy. A maximum of P450 profit for a simple game and board shows that spinning a business venture out of opportunist activity works pretty well considering the guy who brought it didn’t take any deposit or money just said he will come back for his money in a couple of weeks.

For those thinking this is a great idea I would say head into colon street in Cebu as you can buy a lot of these toys/gifts at wholesale prices. At the same time there is nothing wrong with spinning another raffle game for adults as they are just as likely to spend their bits of change on the off chance of winning something as kids are. At the same time I will be looking to do our own setup instead of having the 20%.