Racist rants about Filipinos

Racist rants will just get deleted on the channel, its as simple as that. Often I hear them from disgruntled expats whining because they didn’t get the paradise they were looking for, or that people simply don’t want to take responsibility for their own mistakes. In this short video I explain my view point as I have no issue with constructive points or even “personal” viewpoints if founded and explained. But I have no time or interest in people with point blank racism.
The other side of this being that people are simply trolling based on past experiences, constantly pushing negative viewpoints because they are unhappy. The strangest thing I find though is often that the people doing it should have moved on years ago. E.g. broke up with wife should now be looking to find happiness elsewhere. But instead linger on whining about the Philippines a country they are no longer connected with. Is it because it was the last time they were happy? Who knows but with a constant negative viewpoint and no explanation of why how can they move forward, but also we don’t need to hear the constant complaining.