Racism in the Philippines

If you have been to the Philippines then you will already understand what im talking about. Generally anyone who isnt a Filipino is a “Foreigner” if you have white skin then your a “Kano” as in Amer”Kano” yet im not american and hate to be called one. I have enough issues with being British as im from Scotland and will always be Scottish by birth and blood. But whats wrong with being a “Kano”? Simply a lot of the stigma has been left here from the Vietnam years where the Philippines was a staging post for recouperation for GIs. Which made a huge business for prostitution and also brought an influx of cash into the country which even today is causing contrasts. Im from the West that is for sure but i left because i hate the selfish world in which being western breeds and many people here feel the same. So being a “Kano” goes against the belief of many people who are not only NOT american but are also against the Western ideal which is rammed down peoples throats here by the Elite selling theyre wares on the television. I want a simple life, a farm a loving family and to just relax and watch life go by. But the “Kano” is a disease here and you cant be invisible with white skin. You are overcharged for taxi fares as soon as you arrive at the airport. Rentals on a property can double aswell as land purchases for your partner. Your partner can be singled out as someone who is either marrying for money or simply a lottery winner by bagging a foreigner. In my wifes case neither account as i told her im not a rich foreigner and we expect 5 years of hardship to make a go of things in the Philippines. Which her parents have never took my skin or who i am into account because they can see how much i love theyre daughter. But an aunt has already charged rent on a house i built on the family land. There is many good people here but the foreign skin here causes major problems for a wife and the new life you build. Your children may suffer from bullying in school because a white foreigner is seen as a lottery win. Yet a rich Chinese businessman isnt. Because the power train although similar is different. Westerners are seen as Rich and powerful. Chinese are seen as Powerful and rich. Although the scenarios are similar westerners are seen as only powerful due to the fact they can buy anything where as chinese is more likely to force people to make them rich which is apparent if you look at slavery, the chinese mining industry or anything else in China they dont care about people! So where did it all go wrong?? Personally i think a lot of it has to do with NGOs (Non Government Organisations) because they are mainly charities that are looking to help people and the fact that most come from the west seems to show some kind of weekness that Filipinos may find as a soft touch. Chinese have been here for a long time and not only created businesses but created respect because people know the Chinese owners of a business will fire them where a Westerner will listen to the hard luck stories of life. These mixed contributions have created a hard scenario to live in. I have started learning Cebuano and people assume you dont know what they are saying but as time goes on i understand more and more and you start to realise more people hate you here than you think. But either way im in for the long haul and if people assume they can get extra money out of me for being white then so be it im lucky enough my wifes father understands this and will happily do my shopping for me 🙂