Rabies and dog bites in the Philippines

Rabies in the Philippines is a major problem. The problem is due to a lack of dog controls as well as excessive breeding and lots of wild dogs, commonly known as Rascals. The risk of being bitten does exist as does the risk of catching Rabies.
Rabies injections in the Philippines cost P75,000 each and you will need 5 of them on the off chance that the dog that bit you had rabies. There is a vaccine for rabies also available at P2,500 which could stop you having to worry about ever being bitten as it lasts forever.
The only time I have actually seen a suspected dog with rabies resulted in it being beaten to death with pieces of bamboo. Not something I agree with but these things are often normal in the Philippines and a vet would probably set you back P1,200 for putting a dog down. Something the local population would see often as too expensive and unneeded.