Queen of Cebu 2010 – Biggest trans gender pageant on Cebu island, Philippines

I was asked to cover Queen of Cebu by a friend of mine and to be honest I wasn’t 100% on what to expect. Gay pageants aren’t my normal day to day events that I go to but to be honest I was pretty blown away by several things at Queen of Cebu the first one being the scale of the event. On entering the Waterfront hotel hall I was surprised to see it was jam packed with people to see the event and a hall a lot bigger than I had expected. There were plenty of media on site but the actual professionalism of all parties involved as well as they had pulled all the stops out to make the event a huge success resulted in a fantastic night with some high quality acts filling in as well as the contestants in the show. It was strange to believe that the contestants were male gender as in many cases you wouldn’t be able to tell in another location. I have around 1000 photos from the event of which i will be making some available I currently have a magazine interested in a full article on the event so can’t talk too much about things until I have done that but I will say if your ever in Cebu and the pageant is on its well worth the P300 – P1500 per ticket to visit I am as straight as they come and I found the whole event entertaining and interesting as well as comical in parts with the wit of the host. I will do a follow up article once I have had things confirmed with the magazine as I think its something that should be promoted especially as an eye opener for many people not only because of the trans gender population of the Philippines but also understanding their rights and fact is a lot of the time its not about being part of their community but just to accept their community exists and they are people that have feelings and emotions like everyone else but are often misunderstood. Because I know from many peoples mindsets they would see trans genders more like the photo on the left instead of the photo on the right.


IMG_0258The photo on the left by the way was a performer on the evening which would be more inline with Soho or acts people would see at a resort on holiday. If your put off about going to these types of events purely down to people assuming your gay or worried people will hit on you all I can say is don’t let it bother you. The Philippines has a very large gay community and when I first arrived in the Philippines I was surprised at how many people actually were gay but at the same time if you make it obvious your not interested most people are happy to just be friends and get to know you. I think that is part of the problem is that a stigma exists where people assume anyone gay will find another person attractive and to be honest most of the people you will be amazed at how attractive they are so maybe the question should be who is worried about who as I think a lot of the problem is people just don’t know how to deal with trans gender sexuality as a lot of the people I have spoken to about pageants (general people) they all admit that the gays are stunning and often better looking and more sexy than most women you will meet which I think that’s where people start to have insecurities about themselves actually admitting a guy is stunningly beautiful as it puts a lot of heterosexual males in a position they don’t feel comfortable with.

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  1. October 12, 2011 at 4:31 am

    its wonderful that you were able to write a sensitive article about the queen of cebu pageant. i’d like to share some information that would be great for international transgender education purposes. i recommend using to a term you have carefully mentioned which is “transgender” instead of “gay”.

    transgender is a term that is widely accepted in the academic and medical field. its the umbrella term used to describe the wide range of people who’s gender identity and expressions is different from what they’re born with or socially assigned.

    transgender is about gender, about being male or female, its a state of being, a social role, its also in the mind and heart. the term gay or lesbian is a sexual orientation and in some cases a preference or just a sexual activity. it is evident especially in some cultures, a male-to-female transgender maybe still sexually attracted to a genetic or biological female. in that case, they would be lesbian. however, it is more common in some countries for a male-to-female transgender to be sexually attracted to a genetic or biological male, which they would or could identify as straight or heterosexual.

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      October 17, 2011 at 2:04 pm

      Hi Asiavitale,
      your welcome to add an article into the blog if your interested. My confusion on Gay and/or transgender was not in reference to how I see or call people who are transgender but simply in the Philippines the reference to being “Gay” is pretty much used for everything which causes confusion.