Qatar airways

I have used Qatar airways for flights to several destinations over the years and to be honest I enjoy flying with them as their service is always professional and never had any problems with connecting flights. It appears nearly all flights end up in Qatar before flying on to their final destinations which when in Qatar means taking a shuttle bus up to the terminal getting checked in and then waiting for your onward flight. Going to the Philippines normally means an 8 hour delay and although the airport is full of duty free goods such as Scotch Whisky it does become a bit tiresome and would advise taking a nap. The airport also has free Wi-Fi and a couple of free internet cafe’s sponsored by Samsung.

The air fleet itself is one of the few expanding fleets currently on the planet. On top of that its planes are kept to a high standard of service. While sitting on flight you will find each seat has a headset and small TV screen this allows a choice of several movies to watch or to play a few games as well as music. On top of that power connections for Laptops to allow you to continue to work on the move.

All in all I enjoy flying with Qatar airways as everything runs like clockwork and hassle free and would recommend to others.

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  1. Sidney11274
    January 28, 2011 at 7:54 am

    I should recommend it s well ! I am a Silver member of Qatar Airways and i used my free miles now…..