Qatar Airways 25% Off Flights

As obviously we are looking to relocate to the UK I was calculating the hefty cost of sending everyone to the UK and looking at the calculator with one eye in the hope it seemed less. But then in the last hour a little ping came out of the computer speaker telling me I had a new email.

Now this is one of the reasons when people talk air miles and think they never accumulate enough to make it worth while that sometimes its not about getting a free umbrella or some other gift but literally saving cash! Being signed up on their mailing list I received a current special offer giving 25% off economy flights or 15% off Business class. Being the thrifty guy I am business class is only on the cards if someone else is paying.

So would recommend signing up for the emails and newsletters from Qatar Airways as the flight information in this case will save me around £300 on a single flight. Would also look at other airlines for their newsletters as you may find in this difficult economic climate some amazing offers appear for discount flights.

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  1. August 31, 2011 at 11:38 am

    Sounds too good to be true!