Putting scrap materials to good use building kitchen unit doors – Apartment 2 construction

building kitchen unit with recycled materials

When we ripped out the old computer desks we had a lot of plywood left over as well as some 2 x 2 and as I sat looking at the materials I decided better than buying new doors why not build them using the old shelves. The first issue is the shelves had cable holes which meant we have doors 14” in size but adding the 2×2 as filler as well as making everything flush mount worked out well. On the end I am adding a wine rack for 5 – 6 bottles (still working on the design). Functionality is the key which is why the interiors will also be sub-divided into separate cupboards first 2 being cleaning, next pots and pans, last one being for cups and plates. As the apartment is designed for 1 – 2 people it doesn’t need a large kitchen as generally people eat out more here as the prices often make little difference compared to cooking yourself.

sanded and undercoated kitchen units made from recycled materials

After a bit of work you can see the difference from the first photo as the units start to look nice and uniform at the same time will still need to be finished off with some filler, sanding and more painting but the entire door sections including frame have all been built out of waste materials including the spare paint we have used for undercoating.

warning note here” DON’T LET OTHERS USE YOUR TOOLS! especially power tools as someone had told me my power planer was worn out which I found odd considering I had a new spare blade and I rarely change the blades unless it gets chipped with a nail (as it doesn’t plane evenly). But yesterday dragged it out as the hand plane was blunt and I didn’t want to sit sharpening it. What has happened with the power plane is that it has been pushed hard locking its sliding plate which actually meant it removed the blade from cutting as the adjuster no longer functioned. An hour of stripping it down and cleaning another important thing here is maintenance due to things rusting like mad I got the front plate moving again after unclogging it of sawdust and its as good as new again. Annoying as I used it for 3 – 4 years without any issues and within a day here someone broke it. But then again the welding machine that is now scrap involved an idiot dropping it off a roof. So tools keep safe and under lock and key, I remember someone complaining why do you find gardeners with shears instead of a strimmer or lawnmower exact same reason they don’t care about it because it isn’t theirs.