Protecting Plants From Chickens

plant destroyed by chickens

This is the sorry state of several plants which are attacked daily by chickens. Problem with chickens is they have a habit of just roaming as well as eating lovely juicy plants. Not a lot I can do about the chickens themselves but the plants I started to protect and you can see how much damage the chickens are doing when you compare the growth of the plants in the photos as they are actually the same age and from the same supplier.

protected plant from chickens - fence loop

Still receiving a bit of a beating from smaller creatures but as you can see its healthier and possibly 3 x the size simply by adding a protective hoop around the plant. Not sure if it stops slugs and snails as well as the ones here are pretty big and can’t get through the holes and the mesh is no doubt difficult to climb over the top. Would recommend setting snail traps by the way as a morning thing for me is crushing them as they seem to love the garden and more to the point our plants!

protect plant - fence loop

The hoop itself is made from plastic sheet you can get people to cut at the hardware store for you. This one is 1m in length by 1m high, I coiled it then used a bit of plastic string to weave the join together to form up the loop. So far made a huge difference in the plants protection but more importantly need to get more for the other plants we have that the chickens like. Odd thing is chickens have many plants they don’t go near. Peppers though seem to be one of their favourites as well as these small plants we are growing along the fence line.