Prosperity comes with trust

In my lifetime I have never gone against a promise or ability as simply the whole point of doing something is being sure you will see it through to the end as not only are you looking to complete a task but also if you promise others you will do it you will prove it to completion.

I was sitting out the back of the house while April and her mother are busy working and thinking how much trust has been given to me over the last couple of years and I have always delivered. But in life that has generally been how I live it to set goals and push through at any cost. It’s why we are moving forward when so many others fail, simply because we all pull in one direction which is hard to do here but if done right people see the big picture and the difference between getting by and sitting pretty. Over the years I have been trusted with millions of pounds in the UK and not only delivered results but ahead of schedule with reduced costs. Its something that came up tonight regarding contractors as contractors are given a specific task and will take it to the letter in general. What that basically means if its contracted to take eight weeks to do something it will and likely to be over to squeeze the emergency budget because contractors know it exists and the company has no choice. I work the opposite which is to push through early with better results than the competition. End result is I have never been out of work and sometimes its a case of multiple people wanting you at the same time than trying to find work.

Where does this fit into life in the Philippines? It’s because people talk of failure on business ventures etc. when they should be working out how to make it work. Also I am looking at things in the last few months and have given grace on many ventures because other expats are doing it like a loose truce but I am starting to think I don’t owe them anything as many manage their ventures badly and will wind up blaming Filipino’s for their bad business judgements as well as the fact the ones here a long time are aggressive business wise as they tout their wares.. Its time to change it and I will happily be part of businesses needing to upgrade, change, advance rather than directly look to go head on business wise at the same time I am tired of websites that look like they are over 10 years old with whining owners and the fact they think they own their niche markets.

With the last statement why does prosperity come with trust? because I know myself and the people I am involved with can run businesses better than the “excepted standard” in many cases as well as look to not only continuously approve for the benefit of the traveller but for the image of the Philippines. You may think I am arrogant in this respect but to be honest its more about my ability than anything else. I have people whining about shared information on the Philippines that gets less than 70,000 British tourists compared to Thailand’s 1million if they aren’t prepared to put the Philippines on the map then bad luck to them I will do it by any means necessary its our home and our future. If you get expats whine at you about not doing something all I can say is ignore them unless the information is constructive and full of information on how they previously failed at it. I have several businesses that are “failures” for Expats yet all of them are making money… who is wrong here?