Profitable mail order bride website

The “profitable mail order bride website” is one of the top searches for TropicalPenpals on the internet which is a bit bizarre as its something i not only haven’t got generally there is nothing written about “mail order brides” on the blog at all. The reason being firstly its illegal to operate that type of business in the Philippines and secondary its not the 80s! I spent a bit of time messing around with statistics tonight and was a bit surprised to find the majority of the readers of TropicalPenpals are generally 35 – 45 and female. It confuses me a bit on who my actual audience is.. generally although i am not sexist a lot of the articles may come across biast because i do think the UK has got out of balance of equality which is why i am the way i am. A lot of my friends are female and i am neither sexist or racist if anything i get irritated by people trying to stereotype me because much of it is then a justification for not liking me. Not that i have a problem about being disliked just the grounds upon disliking me often closes the mind to the context of my conversation and stops people looking at it from multiple opinions.

Anyway profitable mail order bride website.. how does that even come out as a search? people looking to setup a new venture with an online business? someone wondering why their husband divorced and jumped country? I really don’t know and I can’t understand its relevance to except that people who may have met women online then seek information on relocation to the Philippines. I watched a documentary to do with the mail order bribes for Russia which was interesting because most of the assumptions are based on some poor Russian woman wanting to escape Russia at any cost. In reality the women are successful and finding good men is becoming more and more difficult. Russian men no good? Nope.. its down to things like the war in chechnya and other conflicts as well as alcoholism and drug abuse. The lift expectancy of a Russian male is 58 and 11 months where females live until 72 on average. The difference is in the 80s it was all about escaping to a new life but now the women not only have money and career they know exactly what they want out of a relationship. They would rather stay single if they don’t meet someone compatible.

The Philippines on the other hand is a different culture and different type of people. Currently there is a population explosion and life expectancy is estimated at 72.2 years for Filipino women and 66.9 years for Filipino men. Around 38 percent of the population is younger than 15 years old and 28 percent belongs to the 15 to 24 age bracket.

In the 2000 population census, the National Statistics Office (NSO) said that nearly 53 percent of the 25 million single people in the Philippines were males while only 47 percent were females. However, around 76 percent of the 2.6 million widowed persons were females and only 24 percent were males.

Why does it seem a lot of the figures don’t make sense and on balance male to female ratio seems to match within half a million people? Truth of the matter is the figures are more complex than it first looks as you have a young population of course your looking at around 50/50 at young ages and as people get older many go abroad approx around 10 million people currently but is it mainly male or female? are these counted as Filipino citizens or are OFW’s in another category who knows.. but from experience i know lots of women here and a high amount of them are widowed before they are in their thirties a lot of it relates to motorcycle accidents. Alcoholism is another major problem here, the other issue is separation and affairs which are still a bit “taboo” as i know a lot of women who would be classed single mothers in the UK but here is where i think the real figure lies. Because a guy may be separated and living with a girlfriend which in theory would make it so there are actually less women available in theory as its pretty common the woman would actually be less likely (still married and mother of the children) at least until she is thirties or older as the responsibility of the children would take precedence. Which also explains why there are so many Filipinas online in the 30+ bracket.

The cycle of poverty and the opening up of the country to the internet is also major players in why women are looking to get abroad. If you watched the TV here its worse than bad and pretty much nothing of the outside world gets shown i have missed so much news from the UK and even the Icelandic volcano wasn’t a major thing here i seemed to get more information from people stuck at airports.

The other thing is quality of a lot of the women available looking for marriage is also varies drastically as the internet has become affordable to all where people would previously assume someone online was educated or at least in a job that involved using a computer these days you can get online for P10 an hour which puts the internet in the hands of literally everyone.  This is where i think a lot of problems happen for marriages for a start many of the girls they seem to instantly hit it off with are a lot younger than they should be even looking for which instantly creates a maturity gap. Then you have the wealth problem which is where a lot of the one day millionaires come from as they have been pulled from a shanty to the top hotels and restaurants in the area. Wealth is like a drug unless its earned its why gamblers will win one day and lose everything the next. Because there is always more to come right? Tied to meeting someone from a shanty is also likely to be an education difference which could develop into a problem in the future.

This isn’t advice on dating by the way this is just my thoughts on the subject as i think internet dating is not the way to go and i have known friends to do it in the UK and find people using their daughters photos on profiles, lying about ages, marriage status and a lot worse. Why would it be different half way round the world? Couple that with the scammers and those professionally dating which is a technique where they are coached by someone else you could be emptying your wallet more than you will be meeting people.

Doesn’t mean its all bad mind but at the same time if your going to spend $1000 over a year on a dating site and buying presents why not just treat yourself to a holiday instead.

Stereotyping women is something that i don’t generally like to do so i will also add the positives to offset a lot of the negative above. Firstly that not all women are like the above problem is your more likely to meet bad than good a nice girl is likely to have a full-time job which could be 8 – 12 hours 6 days a week. She may go to the internet cafe once a week or once a day for an hour. A scammer can be using multiple profiles in 8 chats at the same time and as its a full-time business will be online 8 – 12 hours a day. Which already stacks the odds against you as the scammer will be an extra 7 hours minimum and probably 10 profiles against the one good girl and her only profile. The truth of the matter is online dating really doesn’t work or i would say its success to failure rates at best are fudged or mythical figures. I did meet April online and it was on a dating site in a round about way ( i was fixing a friends profile). But i also know of at least 20 people who have had really bad experiences both financially and emotionally so would that put my real ratio closes to 1 in 20?