Private investigation services within the Philippines

The term “going native” is something that is often mentioned about me because of the fact I am probably one of the most integrated expats here which is also recognised within the local community. The fact of the matter here is there are a lot of scammers out there not only with the women but associated with doing business here or even buying land.

The ladies are generally easy to pick out if they will be “bad apples”. The majority of Filipina’s looking for a foreign husband are good but the percentage of guys that find bad girls is pretty high due to the girls knowing how to manipulate guys and using their best assets. For example girl A. Approaches you all smiles online “i liked your profile” and after a few exchanges she quickly starts to show a bit of breast on webcam and how your the lucky guy she has been waiting for. Girl B. is likely to be waiting for a guy to approach her and more likely to be conservative on her views and asking her to show some breast is likely to be the last time you hear from her. Which girl are you likely to spend more time with? and which girl do you think will manipulate you into everything from sending money to extorting a house and in the worst case sometimes murder.

Its not always so easy to spot online or visiting every couple of months. As often the “local” boyfriend will disappear because they expect your arrival or the girl stops chatting under her aliases online for a few weeks while your home. Truth of the matter is often you don’t really know the girl until you have spent a lot of time with her. But in reality guys arrive here meet the girl of what they think is their dreams and start processing for visas. A recent discussion with someone who mentioned 5 such girls in his block which put a caution sign above trust on a lot of women. The first woman was having internet dating still going on although already married as she recieves allowances from 4 guys via Western Union. Another while they were out as a group went over and asked for a guys cellphone number for a date later that night (she was also already married). Another it was all about the money complaining her play money wasn’t enough at P20,000 a month even though all her expenses were already paid.. maybe not a scammer but certainly someone that will be looking for a divorce to take half of the guys possessions as soon as she is able.

There is a huge list of girls I have learned about over the last few years and how many of the scams and abuses operate. I was out with a friend recently and picked up a load of red flags from his girlfriend he hadn’t noticed. Now don’t think its the end of the world because it isn’t if your not 100% about something get it checked out as its the fact you had something hit the back of your mind that will often be warning you. We can do whatever checking is needed to rest your mind or expose any miss findings. At the same time we will also provide hard evidence to prove our findings. Why choose us? There are several reasons :-

  • we can’t be bought or manipulated.
  • your buying a service from a competent company that has experience in this type of field of operations.
  • Hard evidence will be provided as proof not “hearsay”.
  • We can do background checks as well as localised investigations.

The most important factor though is YOU your peace of mind and the fact we work swiftly to resolve the situation.

The next area we cover is “business” I have been here long enough to see people lose money on cooked books, buying something that wasn’t owned by the seller or even money and business partner disappearing overnight. The truth of the matter is there are a lot of rogues in the Philippines and more so amongst Expat’s than any threat to come locally. If your looking at buying a business for  we can assist in researching tax records to see who has paid the tax for the last few years, who owns the building, why people are really selling and more importantly is it worth buying. Getting it wrong isn’t a mistake more often than not its the end of your dreams in the Philippines. Get it right and your security and future will be set for a long time to come.

The mysterious lot?? Recently a neighbour and her Japanese husband bought a lot in Naga City. They spent millions of pesos on it and started construction of their new house. Total investment P9million everything was going well all the papers signed, construction had started and happiness was in the air.. well it was until the real owner of the lot turned up. There are several things they should have done such as videoing the person who sold them the lot. Now they are going through the process of trying to buy the lot twice and no doubt at an inflated price now that the house is nearly finished. Its a very common problem but checking things like tax records to find out who paid the taxes would have led them to the real owner. Discussing things with the Baranghay captain would have also given them an idea of the real owner but also if the price was too much. These are major things that go wrong all the time and we are able to provide several services.. firstly doing checks on the seller to not only check if they have the rightful ownership but also any criminal past, we can also source property lots which will be well below “internet pricing” which is out of control. Be aware for this service your WIFE must be the buyer or you personally MUST be Filipino.

So how much are we? Its a fixed $250 per day + expenses.