President NoyNoy’s anti wang-wang or siren usage on private vehicles isn’t getting full support.

I have been routing around in the media circles today regarding the new anti-siren and lights laws introduced by the new President NoyNoy. As usual you can find media coverage here that obviously gets “donations” from certain parties playing up the usage as being needed.

There are stories floating about around security issues if people have death threats against them that they “need” the ability to move freely. But at the same time I have no doubt the same people are likely to cause traffic jams, at risk of running others over and killing them for their own self preservation. Truth of the matter I think anyone with such risks should pass it back to police and government to provide such protection. It shouldn’t be an individuals choice but that of the military/Police and only attached to the official vehicles as and when required. Not a quick run to the local supermarket or up to the office in the city as this is neither official business or requiring such extravagant use of public roads.

The next attack came as regards people waiting for NoyNoy to use the sirens himself which as commander of the armed forces he can do as his status allows. Its also important to remember he is a President and is at more risk than the average person here no doubt when it gets used because I have no doubt it will be done at some point by his personal security team as their main objective is his safety no doubt the media here will be waiting to make a field day of the event. Yet no doubt they will try to avoid the context it was used and that it was needed at the time.

I think some journalists have to look at the difference between skipping traffic and being a high profile risk. Will such announcements arriving its also an unpopular move with the rich in the Philippines who are used to such privileges and won’t be keen on having it removed.