Preparing for going home

As time is moving fast towards going home we have reflected on the goals we originally set for this year and managed to make 2 out of 3 which is better than expected with the current economic climate that the Government is telling us is improving yet facts are now showing 3.5million households in the UK without a wage earner. Remember that figure doesn’t include working families with one parent out of work or families with school leavers not working. Which basically tells me the 3 Million unemployed figure that the labour government fudged as a figure for the end of this year is probably more around 5 million upwards real unemployed. Anyway the point being we started planning for this even before the recession started which is why this year the 3 goals could have been met if the recession was nowhere near as bad as it is but the 2 out of the 3 are actually the ones that generate the income. The third was actually buying our home which will now be put to one side for at least 10 months because of the current climate but does give us time to work on the other ideas. Anyway getting back to preparing for home.



This is box one of three which is mainly goods we either struggle to find and want or simply just cant get hold of. I have also got a couple of toasters, sandwich makers and a bread maker for home as they may be available in the Philippines but the recession does have one advantage prices are crashing on a lot of goods in the UK aswell as the fact the store branded goods are always cheap but do the job well without the risk of being electrocuted which is something that does worry me with some of the electronics in Cebu straight from China (Yes I know they come from the same place but they are built to different specifications and regulations). Also be aware that the Philippines runs on 220v which means for Europeans its a straight plug swap or buying an adaptor (Adaptors are around P50 or less for single but for a multi point could be around P1000).

Frey Bentos pies are something that are on offer at the moment at Asda and the tins make good pie cases to make your own afterwards. The photo is box one one, box two will have the bread maker and other goods we use on a daily basis but I’m hoping I can find a few other bargains online. One thing I will say though is if your looking for games consoles for an internet cafe visiting somewhere like GAME you can pickup an original Xbox (not 360) for around £25.00 the games are available online from around £1.00 each and an ideal cheap start up for any net cafe with gamers big expense will obviously be the TV sets but all in all I think a bargain for shipping out 4 – 6 of the consoles with a few PCs your well on your There is also the fact they can be “soft modded” to unlock the system allowing  game backups (so you can keep the originals safe from being damaged) in around 10minutes and infact the one I bought last year had already been done.

I think the XBOX is an understated piece of equipment as hard drives can also be installed allowing your backed up games to be used from a menu within the machine doing away with all DVDs allowing you to keep your originals safe as proof of ownership. Anyway getting a little of track here but the point being I may be around 2 – 3 months away from going home but getting ready has already started aswell as searching for the best deal on flights although its a bit difficult at the moment as my contract may end early due to a corporate reshuffle of positions. At best I will have to apply for the position I’m currently covering but at that point its exit time anyway as A. I’m temporary and B. To apply I need to want the job full-time.