Practical renting in the Philippines long-term

When one of my neighbours rented an apartment last year we got into the discussion of what comes with an apartment. The reason being the apartment he wanted to rent was semi-furnished it didn’t have a refrigerator,TV,mattress or most other household goods but it did have a bed frame and sitting room furniture as well as ceiling fans the rent is P7,000 a year and my neighbour comes to the Philippines annually for 6 – 7 months at a time so I explained that if you wanted :-

  • Cable TV
  • Hot shower
  • Mattress
  • Refrigerator
  • Air-conditioning
  • TV

How much would it cost elsewhere? Answer is that everywhere else wanted P12,000 upwards for those facilities. The apartment doesn’t need air-conditioning so that could be taken off the list and we did find a refrigerator as well as had a spare TV kicking around but even so how much would everything cost to buy?

  • Cignal Satellite TV around P3,000 with P300+ per month cost
  • Shower P8,000+ including installation
  • Mattress P1,700+ (for 2 at Gaisano)
  • Refrigerator P10,000+
  • Air conditioning P8,000+
  • TV P4,000+

Based on the basic figures P30,700 (monthly Cignal not included) but it also means you own all the equipment that you can sell on later if need be.

Rent at P7,000 per month x 6 months = 42,000

Rent at P12,000 per month x 6 months = 72,000


Deduct the difference extra cost to you over a six month period by buying yourself? P700 yet you can move and take everything with you if you want a change of property because you could find a bigger place in the future a bit more provincial which without a doubt won’t have most of your luxury goods but the money you saved in the first 6 months has given you everything for FREE on money you would have wasted elsewhere. This is the logic behind renting the units here unfurnished or semi-furnished as it allows you to adapt everything to your budget. But also means you can haggle on another property if you did decide to move as you bring most of the things with you.