Pouring rocks on the road did it help?

Pouring rock on the road 

Odd thing when I poured the rocks on the road weather hasn’t been so bad to actually see if it made any difference, that was until today. As you case see you have a layer of flat shiny rocks to walk on which are pretty even now that they are compacted. On the right and in the distance you can see the state the road was before so in answer to the question was it worth it? well the only thing is its proven how many more truck loads of the rocks we need to actually get the road useable. But as we are developing the area for rentals including a neighbour its in everyone’s interest not only financial but also to cut down on dengue and mosquitos in the neighbourhood.

Pouring rocks in the road has helped a lot but only in the one section next things to be tackled is another 4 trucks and getting people to deal with their rubbish properly.

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