Pounds Sterling To Pesos

Someone asked me earlier this week about taking money to the Philippines. Many of the sites on the net are out of date or simply designed for the American market. The truth is if you change your money in the UK to Dollars then change it again to Pesos your going to lose twice on the exchange rates. The best way to do it is simply “pounds sterling” especially with Sterling so weak you can literally change money as you need it (as long as your not going too far from the cities as finding a money changer may become difficult). But if for example your in Cebu there are plenty of people willing to trade your money. Rustans near Banawa, The money changers near the retunda in Cebu or if you get stuck give me a buzz and ill find someone near you. There is also the reason I brought my money in with me in the first place the rates in the UK at the start of December was = P68 to £ but I could get a rate of P72 near Robinsons mall.  A big saving but also the fact that you can wait for fluctuations. Christmas is nearly over and no doubt the Peso will look a little weaker in January as remittances slow down. Either way bring your pounds! Dont get caught with excessive charges in the UK. Aswell as things like the minimum £3.00 charge at the Airports etc. Just buy a few pesos enough to get you a hotel room,dinner and cab fare. The following day you can trade..