Positive thinking and networking the way forward

Here in Cebu I have started to notice a higher influx of foreigners under 40 and although a lot are new arrivals ready for a new start a lot of the ideas would work over time. Time being understanding locals, understanding things like foreign price which goes on everything from buying or renting a house to buying a beer as all can be beaten saving a small fortune. Spending those extra few months learning the ropes before splashing out on a business venture are the only way forward in realistic terms.

The other thing is networking up with link minded people which like today was good to get Graeme from Canada to meet up with Wayne from the UK as although they are looking at different ideas here often things get entwined purely by certain things being needed for both or opportunities open up that passing along in the network will help. The next step is heading up to meet a few other guys already operating businesses here for several years so they can get an insight into how to do things and what problems crop up from time to time which only time and experience can offer. So Mactan awaits a trip with us all on a day out to hook up and meet up expanding the expat network.

The good thing with the majority of people that I have met lately is the positive attitude as well as the positive direction they are looking in as understanding one thing won’t work in location A for one guy may work in location B for someone else and its sharing all the ideas and concepts into a pool that should start to reap awards in the future as well as making long-term friends.