Porsche Driving Customs Clerk Update

The odd thing in reading this around the Philippines media is that the concern was not the shooting at another driver and attempted murder but asking why he was driving a P5m Porsche. I do wonder about the media here so often as they seem to miss the point! The guy was in a position of trust and power given by the government the car isn’t as important as being caught on CCTV in a violent act.

Anyway Paulino Elevado resurfaced on Tuesday and is now facing a lifestyle check due to driving a Porsche. He had stopped working on January 21st when he allegedly assaulted the student, now claiming the vehicle isn’t his and he was simply acting as an agent for the sale of the vehicle.

Carrying on to say he doesn’t earn enough at the Customs bureau and so augments his salary.Elevado declared a buy-and-sell car business in his statement of assets, liabilities and Net worth (SALN).

“Pang extra income, P6,000 [ang income ko sa Customs],” he said.

Although denying the fact he used his position within customs to enrich himself he did confirm the case in 2011 was filed against him for extortion.

A domino affect seems to have happend because of the case as now President Aquino is looking into more investigations and the continuing corruption in the customs bureau.