Pocari Sweat Drink

Pocari Sweat Drink

A trip down to Robinsons today discovered Pocari Sweat an “ion supply drink”. The interest was obviously the name but when researching bit disappointing to find Pocari was just a brand name that means nothing and the sweat reference was in relation to replenishment (ok glad it didn’t contain a tin of Mr Pocari’s sweat). Its a Japanese drink which is why wandering round the grocery stores here in the Philippines often throws up unexpected treats due to the Philippines having the nasty habit of buying things on the cheap abroad.

Not all bad news just means often the sell buy dates are often nearly expired the Pocari Sweat for example will expire on December of this year. Would say though its more of a grapefruit type flavour mixed with water leaving a small after taste. There is no fizz added to the can which can only be a good thing and it is fairly refreshing. No surprise its been selling in Japan since 1980 and is a well known brand there. The humour of calling something “sweat” also doesn’t transfer for most Japanese which is why the name worked.

2 comments for “Pocari Sweat Drink

  1. Pousadas de Campos do Jordão
    October 4, 2011 at 1:06 pm

    hahahah… I love this little wonderful drink… But just in travels, cause in Brazil the most famous drink is Burn, from Coca-Cola.

    Send one of this to me, hahaha..


  2. Bangkok Lawyer
    October 5, 2011 at 7:50 am

    Wow, if they’re going to sell that drink with an English name, they really need to hire a new marketing firm. Apart from a one time gag purchase, it’s hard to imagine any fluent English speaker choosing a “sweat” drink over, say, an “energy” drink.