PNP End Of Training Celebration Sexy Dance

I was asked by a friend to upload his video on to YouTube as he didn’t have an account. Which dropping on to another subject looks like I will stop uploading stuff onto Facebook as they seem to be making things harder to download which for me is irritating as I am happy to share a lot of my material on request. Anyway had to struggle to get the file downloaded which took me 20mins yesterday shortly after starting the upload on YouTube we had a power cut for 2 hrs, get the feeling there is a larger force at work.. But this morning its now being uploaded while I write this and its a bit of a funny video to watch as the guy in the wig and skimpy clothing is a friend of mine after they just completed Scout training. Not cub scout but scout training allows them to move into any PNP station. Not 100% what they did or were expected to do but more on a military side than a local police force training.

Each team (you will see a team at every table) had to put some sort of end of event performance together and compete against each other in a competition. My friends team went for skimpy male dancers and a Beyonce lookalike for which they came first place. Beer was free flowing and no doubt had some affect on the performances going on but well worth a watch for 5 minutes.