Plumbing in the Philippines

Building a house in the Philippines –

IMG_0364This is currently the plumbing for the shower and toilet cistern being installed at the apartment ready for tiling over.

In the Philippines traditionally people lay a bed of concrete mix which is a couple of inches thick. Don’t ask me why its done that way it just is. I discussed it with a friend of mine Paul previously due to his builder doing it that way and when asked the builder replied to “level the floor” but if you come from a construction background you know you always make things as level as possible in the first place because as you get higher it creates more problems the inch can easily become a foot difference over a couple of floor levels on a building. So I can only simply say I don’t know.. generally I work on the thickness of a combed trowel and lay straight to the floor but this is the Philippines and I would rather not lay the entire floor unless I have to. Getting back to the pipes. Discussing an issue a friend of mine had with the external mains which was less than 5 years old it had rotted terribly (he was digging out and came across it by accident). Best advice is to use plastic pipes and just be careful with anything that is exposed to sunlight as it will shorten the pipes life expectancy. Ours as you can see from the photo is metal and will be buried in the concrete. In the future we will be installing plastic but at this time and due to it being a very short run the best option for us is metal. The waste pipes are plastic and head straight to a septic tank we had installed previously for another project. Another thing to be aware of when installing a toilet is that most in the Philippines waste pipes come from underneath not the back. As well as for some reason most people put toilets side on rather than facing forward. I.e. like the picture the toilet is behind the door why would you install it side on as ideally you need it face on to give you more space when you use it instead of stepping round it. Just a few things to be aware of.