Pinoy pride what does it mean?

For me its an odd selection of words as I come from the UK where the phrase would be proud to be British yet going against it would be a sign of being anti British.. yet who can we blame for complaining about the removal of our nationalistic views?

One country that dominates the media circuit the United States of America why? take a look how politicians tout being proud of the stars and stripes, the star spangled banner or even tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree. All symbols to force people to agree even when they disagree. Being Pinoy proud is a question I have asked several people about what are you proud of only thing coming back recently is Manny Paquio the boxer which for being nationalistic and the fact he is only a national hero in the last 5 years doesn’t really cut the mustard in the same way I cannot say I am proud to be British because simply there is no national hero in the same way and at the same point I would say I am Scottish over being British. Doesn’t mean I am anti British just means the UK has offered me very little in return when it expects me to follow its lead. Which is the same issue on the Royal wedding as being Scottish and ancestors that fought against these in breds I will never support the royals in this life time and my children won’t in the next. So why do people force people in the Philippines to be proud to be Pinoy? fact is its different to being proud of your heritage to an excuse a country makes and that’s why I am proud to being Scottish heritage but would never say proud to be British. The UK has become a Muppet of Europe and spineless internationally. I can say that.. but in the Philippines what do people think because often it falls on silence when opinions are asked. Partly because being outspoken offers a shallow grave in the middle of nowhere at the same time with 10 million overseas workers why do none of them carry the flag? Getting back to the United States of America supporting puppet governments and corrupt regimes just look into the Presidents of the Philippines and their families residing in Hawaii and being educated in the best universities in the United States.. preservers of freedom, freedom for the U.S. comes at everyone else’s expense and the Philippines and its people are a typical example.