‘Pilipinas For the Win’ (FTW) to Replace ‘Wowowee’

In a typical media twist ABS-CBN seems to have been riding the publicity of Willie Revillame with the interest in what would be happening with Wowowee.. As stated before when it came up that Willie would be returning I questioned what would happen to the time slot that had just been offered to Kris Aquino and the other celebrities it looks like I was right as its Wowowee that has been pushed aside to launch Pilipinas For the win. I did have an inside track on Kris Aquino and was aware that she was already looking at a travel show so didn’t really surprise me. I would have been surprised if Wowowee had gone back to air though. The official statement from ABS-CBN is below :-


On Saturday (July 31), ABS-CBN is launching a new noontime show called Pilipinas For The Win (FTW). The new show will be hosted byRobin Padilla, Mariel Rodriguez, Valerie Concepcion, Pokwang, andKris Aquino. It is a game and variety show that will surely bring joy, energy and hope to Filipinos all over the world.

Pilipinas For The Win will replace Wowowee. Willie Revillame, through his manager, was already informed about this new development. He was also notified about the new program being planned for him and this will be announced in due time.

Pilipinas For The Win will be managed by director Johnny Manahan, creative director Bobot Mortiz, business unit head Jay Montelibano, and executive producers Phoebe Anievas and Rancy Recato. It will be aired after Showtime.

Bong R. Osorio
Head, ABS-CBN Corporate Communications