Pigs make Pesos.

As the Christmas season begins there has been a bit of bad news in Luzon.. The pigs are in quarantine due to infection :-

“Quoted from Sun and Star Newspaper Cebu”
MANILA — Pigs in three hog farms have been found infected with the Ebola Reston virus, a strain not harmful to humans, officials said Thursday.

The affected farms in three northern provinces have been quarantined and farm and slaughterhouse workers who might have been exposed all tested negative for Ebola Reston, Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap said in a statement.

As a precaution, he said all pork exports have been suspended until further notice.

So what does this mean to people in Cebu?? Simply the value of pork is likely to go up by 25% as demand is very high for the Christmas season. We have a stock ready for market and just finishing fattening up. Hopefully will make up on the poor first batch results last month that only made P4,000 for 10 pigs. A poor result but we all learn by our mistakes and one thing is for sure checking your breed and giving the pigs at least 1 x m2 each to allow good growth is important as otherwise you will lose out in the long run in your pocket.
The biggest issue currently undergoing in the Philippines is the price of the feeds they’re still going up yet the meat price and value of sale had stayed stagnant. The way forward is to develop new markets. Currently we are awaiting our balikbyan boxes (boxes I mailed from the UK) as we have a meat grinder and hopefully start to look at making cured bacon and high quality sausages in the near future. Either way looks like batch 2 is about to make a pretty peso this winter.