Photos of Minglanilla, Cebu, Philippines

It was a sunny afternoon and I decided to drop by Minglanilla town and try and grab some new photos for the blog. At the same time to test my camera which is currently playing up pretty badly with a failing Canon 35mm lens on my EOS 400D body so not impressed at the moment. Looking at P7,000 to replace it and today was the last chance saloon to see if I could find out why it works sometimes and other times it doesn’t. Wasn’t long before it just wasn’t playing ball at all and the photos below aren’t actually the camera!

I carry a small camcorder with me which also takes photos and I was pleasantly surprised with the results, I do think it helped though that the lighting was good today.

Minglanilla, town,cebu Julies Bake Shop,Minglanilla,cebu  

Minglanilla,church,cebu, philippines

Although I had hoped to grab more photos it was about now I headed up to our lot in the mountains to discover that a neighbour had been draining they’re piggery into our lot giving me not the cleanest of feet and needing to go home early to wash off the stagnant water. But didn’t let it ruin my day!