Philippinesexpatforum – Whining

Hey Joe sent over a post this evening from the forum I left which I find it not only a bit bizarre but child like as Lee over there just seems to go on and on needing the last word.. I wouldn’t even have bothered to look if it wasn’t that I needed to reply to Hey Joe about a matter in connection with the fact his message replies were missing.

The system here runs on Disqus for some unknown reason some replies weren’t showing. I know Dave emailed me on Facebook about not mentioning something but I actually thought he had told me something that others had posted letters about so was trying to wonder what he had told me in private yet at the same time it was just that Disqus had flagged his reply for moderation. Happens from time to time but generally I don’t bother with moderation except for spam. So if its not showing just drop me an email and I will find where it went as I need to log into Disqus to check it I don’t always get emails telling me things are flagged or if they are doing upgrades etc.

Now as regards the allegations of stealing information that Lee has decided to post comes from another site which wasn’t actually anything stolen but in fact just using restaurant names then writing articles from their sites if they exist (The restaurant sites e.g. McDonalds menu list or photos from not from the site in question. Reason being anything recommended is worth adding to TP as its based round sharing information and if Lee knew anything about the internet he would also know that copying information damages rankings with Google another reason I don’t do it except for things like menu’s and phone numbers. But what I will say though is I do ask for information to be collated into the site if a site is going offline due to people not renewing hosting etc. so the data will still exist online. Now stealing information of forums he has to be kidding as the whole point I left forums is that its a complete mish mash of random comments and out of date information. To get good information you generally have to double check things yourself which makes the information you received pretty useless off the forum. I remember things like when I first came here reading on a forum how to pay for bribes at immigration, yet I go there and find that just checking in and going for dinner coming back a few hours later its all processed and the money people were wasting on bribes was more than any lunch would have cost. Which is the INFORMATION I ADDED to just take your time and go for lunch. No one should be encouraging any types of bribes as you make it harder for people that use common sense as people expect kickbacks because others are doing it.

Why do I attack people like Lee? well I wasn’t actually attacking him or his forum at the time as I explained why I was leaving it. Instead of just taking it on the chin like a man and actually looking at what wasn’t functioning properly on his forum he threw his dummy out of his pram. Which I think his last post was to ask Philip for a fight at a bar in the city which is the sort of thing I am talking about. Its a like it or leave situation so I decided to leave. Have I lost anything? Met Lee once for about an hour so can’t even say he’s an acquaintance or someone I would recognize again in the street it was just a hello.. beyond that we don’t actually deal with each other except the odd occasion on his or LinC forum.

His defence being how I am not helping people in the same way he is.. what is he talking about? I share things I am up to I sort out accommodation for people, give them “free” advice and even taken people to collect/process visas and show them the ropes without charge. As well as generally answer emails daily with things people don’t want to discuss on forums or elsewhere. Things you won’t even find on the forums. A couple of examples was a contact from India currently working in Qatar wanted to know should he move to Manila with his wife or back to India (she’s from Manila). Another contact from China has his wife here in Manila but didn’t know the process for Chinese nationals to work in the Philippines either with his own business or via his wife. These sort of things I get asked daily and a few people have asked why the comments don’t get used a lot on the blog its because the blogs not designed to have many comments. Most articles are statements, thoughts or general information they aren’t things that would encourage comments. E.g. A hotel unless you stopped there or want to book a room what else is there to say? Photos of a day at the pool comments might be “wow wish i was there” but people would post that on my facebook as they are personal friends everyone else isn’t that bothered. That’s why most people don’t comment its simply not needed there is no expansion.

Now if I started writing things like “how would you do this?” it starts becoming more like a forum but generally blogs aren’t written that way. Also it was mentioned the 30-40 something’s generally trying to make money online instead of being “retired like us” (phrased on the forum) which I can gladly say its official I am not retired but also the blog isn’t a main source of income its what I call “tool money” as I use the money it does make to buy tools and do projects. Not exactly buying me a Ferrari next week on all that Ad sense gold.. just wish the silver surfers would take the time out to actually understand how the internet works and its payment systems. Writing about the Philippines for example is not a “niche” market which means its not a profitable one as its saturated with Expats and Pinoy’s alike. I write the blog to help others and I write it because I like doing it simple as that. 

On a final note though I am a bit irritated I have wasted my time writing this and also your time reading it as its none productive except to counteract the rubbish Lee stuck on his forum and I don’t even know why I bother as its dragging me down to his level. I will also lock the topic because if the old guy does turn up he’s just going to go on and on and on.. more than a Duracell rabbit. He is retired.. he doesn’t have anything better to do with his time and he doesn’t even live here.. Odd that the forums owner and its moderator both live outside the Philippines but then again this is also part of the problem when it comes to over moderation as they don’t live things daily.

Apologies again if you sat through reading this as it bored me writing it so must be even more boring reading it..