Philippines | Worst Holiday | ELAYNE PEDDY

Elayne Peddy in her own words had her worst holiday ever when she visited the Philippines. One thing I do want to stress though is that she has said the issues were on Palawan and she didn’t have the same issues on Cebu or in Manila.
I was asked to make the video in relation to Elayne’s worst holiday video that you can see via the link below.
The Philippines is a country where there is no PC brigade telling you what you can and can’t say. Many of the expats live in the Philippines because of the child like friendliness of the locals. But obviously this comes with a price sometimes, which is where I think there has been a clash between Elayne who has come from PC (Politically Correct) and Palawan’s none existence of PC in any form. Reality shows in this article below which is the current Vice President of the Philippines Binay who is often the central source of amusement due to his dark skin. He himself shrugs it off in his own words as seeing it as form of freedom.
I haven’t found anyone generally that has an issue with colour in the Philippines, everything is available for mocking. But Filipinos generally aren’t trying to offend its simply just the way people are and being Politically Correct is something that is taught and not something natural.

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