Philippines versus the UK


It doesn’t matter if we are living in the Philippines or the UK we generally find people are shocked if we are doing either.

The reason being is perspectives on life. The Philippines is often laid back, slow and of a holiday maker environment. While the UK is more like a work and education environment.

Why would I choose UK?

Work is easy to find for skilled people as well as good education is still easy to get hold of. Both are near impossible in the Philippines.

Clean air, good healthcare, access to more goods than I have an interest to purchase, new cars, good roads and excellent infrastructure.

Philippines good air if you move to it, healthcare can see your leg cut off depending if you can afford surgery or a hacksaw blade. Goods heavily controlled to suit the ever profitable malls with Chinese junk and overpriced good quality goods. New cars overpriced and old cars well extremely old. Infrastructure dire and population growth isn’t helping.

But the Philippines does have some good points as well. Rent is cheap although cost of living is increasing, can do pretty much what you want if you want to blast your stereo at 3am its perfectly normal. Day rate for a person on average costs less than a cup of coffee in the UK. At the same time the cup of coffee can sometimes be a better deal.

Reality is for myself and family both are the better option rather than having one as the be all and end all solution. Fact is that making your money in the West and spending it in the East has been going on for decades. At the same time I would question if the Philippines is the best place for us to be in Asia.