Philippines Versus Spain

After being in Spain for over 6 months now I can honestly say the family are loving it. Although do find when you say things are “better” people get a bit critical on the fact its preferred to the Philippines in many ways.

But they forget one major thing, most of the Philippines habits and legal processes came from Spain. So a lot of the positive aspects exist in both countries but what makes a huge difference is the child friendly parts of Spain.

The rivers aren’t overflowing with rubbish, there is no sign of smog or belching vehicles. Pretty much its what the Philippines should be or aspire to be. But with the removed corruption that exists in both countries.

Play parks exist all over the place with at least 5 within walking distance of our apartment. The families gather at the plaza in the evening. No loud music, nobody getting drunk in the street, nobody urinating in the street, no open sewers. Its all these reasons that put Spain above the Philippines in our current preference of country.

At the same time it doesn’t mean that the Philippines has an impossible task to reach the same levels. It just needs to stem the corruption and illegal exports etc. and pour that into infrastructure along with good planning of developments. When I look at Manila I see an obvious problem with the properties but I also see so many buildings are single level. But improvements all come at a cost and in the Philippines its opening the market up to investors and enterprise. Moving away with a protected elite style system and become more inline with Singapore. Which also means a change of attitude towards littering and respecting nature in many ways. Seeing things as everyone’s problem rather than its outside the gate so its nothing to do with me.

But we still love both countries even though currently preferring Spain for the family environment. Minglanilla is still home in Cebu as the last 7 years were spent there.