Philippines Treaty Trader's Visa (9D)

This visa is issued to a foreigner who:

  1. seeks to develop and direct the operations of the company in the Philippines
  2. is not applying for a non-immigrant visa in order to avoid the requirements or limitations applicable to an immigrant
  3. intends to leave the country upon the completion of his contract
  4. is employed by an actual company and not by a bogus organization

If an applicant is from the United States of America (USA), he must prove that

  1. he is engaged in a trade according to the trade and commerce agreements of the Philippines and the United States
  2. he intends to leave the country upon the completion or termination of his contract
  3. his employer is a foreign national or the company he intends to work with is foreign-owned; and he must hold a supervisory or an executive position
  4. he holds special qualifications as a supervisor or executive officer of a foreign company (if underage)

Note: The Treaty Trader’s Visa is valid for one year.

  1. Notarized Letter Request from the Applicant
  2. Accomplished and notarized General Application Form (BI Form No. MCL-07-01)
  3. For Partnership and Corporation
    Certified true copy of:
    a. SEC Certificate of Registration
    b. Articles of Incorporation
    c. By-Laws and General Information Sheet
    For Single Proprietorship
    a. Certified true copy of DTI Certificate of Registration of Business Name
  4. Certified true copy of the latest Income Tax Return and Audited Financial Statement with the BIR stamp “RECEIVED”
  5. Photocopy of the passport’s personal and visa pages
  6. Original copy of the notarized employment contract or corporate secretary’s Certificate of Election of the applicant as a corporate officer, with the details of the exact compensation and duration of employment
  7. Bureau of Immigration (BI) Clearance Certificate.

Additional Requirements for Accompanying Spouse or Unmarried Minor Children

  1. NSO-certified copy of the marriage contract and/or birth certificate of the unmarried minor children (if married or born in the Philippines)
  2. A Philippine Embassy or Consulate authenticated copy of the English translated marriage contract or the birth certificate, if written in foreign language
  3. Clear photocopies of the passports

Fees in Pesos

  1. Upon Filing For Principal Application    1,010

For Each Dependant   500

BI Clearance    1,010

        2.  Upon Approval/Implementation of Visa For Principal Applicant/Spouse

Passport Visa   200

ACR & Form      1,050

Change of Status  600

Certificate of Residence CRPE   1,450

Implementation Fee  500

Service Fee  500

LRF 10/item Express Lane  500

    For Spouse and dependents over 16

Passport Visa   200

ACR & Form   1,050

Change of Status   600

CRPE    1,450

Implementation Fee   500

LRF 10/item Head Tax  250

Express Lane   500

    For minor

Passport Visa   200

A-Certificate (A-Cert) and Form   550

CRPE and Form  1,450

Change of Status   600

Implementation Fee   500

LRF 10/item

Express Lane     500

Forms: General Application Form (BI Form No. MCL-07-01)
            BI Clearance Certificate