Philippines Tourist Spots Worth Visiting

Living here you often find that Philippines tourist spots are often hyped up and services and places aren’t anywhere near expectations or you get the opposite you simply can’t find places to visit until its too late and you have missed them already.

So how do you find the best Philippines Tourist Spots so you get as much out your trip as possible well the first thing is deciding what you want to get out of your trip to the Philippines as often its down to sports such as diving, sight seeing natural beauty or historical sites.

For diving there are so many locations that I would look to tie it into something else and find a diving centre near to that as the Philippines islands are vast but you will find the major resorts and Philippines Tourist Spots always have a diving school nearby although the information online is often difficult to source. This is mainly down to the local obsession that they will be undercut by the next diving school even though if you don’t have a price your unlikely to use them!

Would say though giving Kite surfing a shot either in Boracay or grabbing one of the touring boats that do kite surfing on a live aboard arrangement can give you an amazing experience to remember.

Kite surfing - Boracay, Philippines


For sight seeing of natural wonders they don’t come much bigger than Mt.Mayon an active stratovolcano based in the province of Albay, Bicol Region, Luzon, Philippines

Mt.Mayon an active stratovolcano - Luzon,Philippines

Another natural wonder and one just as breathtaking you can head down to Puerto Princesa for its Subterranean River and head through the caves. The Philippines is full of natural beauty and if anything its more to do with being spoilt for choice and the distances between them making it impossible to see so much in so little time.

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River

When looking at historical sites in the Philippines be aware to look for things still in living use a typical example of this is the KALESA which is a horse drawn cart that you can hire and if you head out into the provinces you will often see people using horses even today as the preferred mode of transport as I discovered down in Negros.

Kalesa, Philippines

Every town seems to have its church and most have been here hundreds of years and now engrained in Philippines society. At the same time there are many hidden historical places to visit and advise researching online where you can and also asking when your here. For example many people don’t realise there was a railroad in Cebu before but it was destroyed during WW2 and not rebuilt. Negros has many old trains that are used for sugar transportation and worth seeing if you get the opportunity. There is literally thousands of historical sites to see but the big problem is the tourism in the Philippines hasn’t been done properly and it keeps a lot of visitors at bay because they can’t find things.

Paoay Church - The Philippines

I have been here 4 years and still discovering my local area as I often come across new things to me that have been there years. The Philippines isn’t a one trip wonder the Philippines tourist spots are everywhere and I advise deciding what you want out of your trip in advance spending a bit of time researching the areas and getting as much information on how to get to places as well as road conditions and if the weather will affect the time of year your visiting. In reality the Philippines is a wonderful place and has a lot to offer but its still being heavily let down by the tourism organisations which is why the internet is starting to plug the gap where they aren’t performing.