Philippines the sex tourist

The Philippines like most of Asia suffers with a stigma of sex tourists. I’ve now been here several times and although there is a sex industry which would be more open than most western countries admit the existence is about the same. If you know what you want someone will always direct you into an area which is used for such transactions and exchanges of service. Cebu many of the locations are round Mango square and mainly owned by foreigners. A lot of this industry developed in the Vietnam years where the Philippines was used as a base for recouping GIs in Manila such as Angeles city .This boomed the industry and flowed a lot of money into the Philippines economy. Its been a blessing and a curse to the Philippines and its people. This type of industry leaves a stereotype of what people do when they go to the Philippines aswell as what many people are expecting when they get there. Its something im strongly against but understand why people do it when many people struggle to eat each day and may have family obligations back in theyre province. So i cant really judge people for working in this industry as it’s a means to an end when the alternatives maybe just as bad or worse. The salaries are much higher than they would get elsewhere and although not a great deal of money they are in what would be the middle class bracket of finance if it existed in the Philippines. From what ive read and heard from news reports and old articles this industry is in decline. But even so the new breed of industry is all ready here in Cyber sex. Regularly these places are being raided on the news at least once or twice a week.

The child abuser is another type of person using the Philippines, Thailand and many other parts of Asia to exploit children. I just hope that laws will tighten up on these types of sex predator and not only to imprison these people but to also help change the narrow-minded view many people have on visiting Asia. If you are visiting Thai land its assumed you are going to visit for lady boys or the Philippines you are a sex tourist these views need to change to help encourage more people to visit countries that badly need tourism as an Industry and with the increase of revenues maybe the sex trades will reduce as people begin to find other employments and less of a need to be working in the Industry