Philippines Student Visa (9F)

This visa is issued to a foreigner who intends to study in the Philippines on a long term basis.
Requirements (if applying in the Philippines)

  1. Notarized Letter Request of the applicant
  2. Notarized and Accomplished General Application Form (BI Form No. MCL-07-01)
  3. Original copy of the Notice of Acceptance (NOA) with the school’s official dry seal or a notarized written endorsement from the school Registrar
  4. Original copy of the Medical Certificate issued by the Bureau of Quarantine and International Health Surveillance (BQIHS) or any government authorized medical institution which certifies that the applicant is not infected with any serious or contagious disease and; is mentally healthy
  5. Clear copy of the passport’s personal data, latest admission and authorized period to stay
  6. NICA Clearance
  7. Bureau of Immigration (BI) Clearance Certificate

Note: Applicants who are applying overseas must contact the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate for the requirements and fees.

Fees in Pesos

Application Fee 2,000

Express Fee 500

Conversion Fee 1,000

Implementation Fee 1,000

Visa 1,000

LRF 40

BI Clearance 1,010

ACR and CRTS 3,270

Total 9,820