Philippines Seafarer's Visa (9C)

This visa is issued to foreign seafarers and crew members who are joining a foreign or Philippine vessel in the Philippines.


  1. Filled Visa Application Form

  2. One (1) recent photograph with white or light-coloured background

  3. Applicant’s passport valid for at least six (6) months or more

  4. If the applicant is joining the ship in the Philippines, the company should provide a letter stating the name of the vessel.

  5. Visa Fee (to be paid in cash)

Additional Requirements for Crew List Visa (for Vessels)

  1. Duly filled up Crew List Visa Form

  2. Photocopy of Vessel Master’s Passport

  3. Visa Fee (to be paid in cash)

Note: Original and photocopy of the required documents should be submitted with the application form.

Submission of the application must be in person but passport collection or crew list visa can be delegated to a company representative provided an authorization letter from the applicant is presented to the issuing officer.