Philippines risk of civil war if Rodrigo Duterte becomes president or doesn’t.

There is a lot of strength in Rodrigo Duterte’s speeches that even discuss a split away from Luzon. Manila is seen as the hub of corruption sucking the life out of the Philippines and I can see this is going to become a bigger problem as the dirty politics begin. With what appears to be manipulation of figures in the media relating to the polls its already apparent people are playing with fire. While other politicians have been seen to be proactive in dirty tricks, Duterte has people doing things not only for free but also pushing the negative stuff his competitors are pushing into the media. Duterte has many places printing T-shirts for free as well as people covering their cars in support. Not a vote bought but votes from people wanting change and seeing power and a leader they can trust in Duterte. The risk comes from the fact that if Duterte wins his enemies may not step aside so easily, if he loses the people may not accept the vote as genunine due to the current dirty tricks on-going. This certainly seems to be a tinderbox of politics in the Philippines for the presidential election.

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