Philippines President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III has been receiving death threats

Philippines Presidential Security Group

President Noynoy’s chief of security disclosed on Thursday there are reports of threats against the president.

“Like any president, you get reports that may demand heightening of security,” said Colonel Ramon Dizon, Presidential Security Group chief.

Although unwilling to give details Dizon did say that “the threat itself is not high“

“I cannot go into the operational details but we’ve heightened the security coverage for his movements,” said Dizon.”

He went on to say that although he had worked for the last four presidents Aquino was very different in his approach to things.“He’s really a person who wants to mingle with the people. We’re adjusting and constantly reviewing [security measures],” added Dizon.

A prime example of this was the refusal to use sirens or run red lights at traffic crossings.

Although if you come from the Philippines this wouldn’t alarm you simply because its the nature of the beast. Politics here literally kills people all the time and with the current message Aquino is sending as a President of the people and looking to hunt Arroyo its no doubt stirred up things. Top that with the cancellation of contracts that were given to main contractors threats could be coming from multiple directions. People have been kidnapped and killed here purely for ransom money. So with so much at stake as a president and the ability to reduce corruption its going ruffle a lot of feathers.