Philippines poverty and why the cycle isn’t changing.

Many are looking at the church as the main reason for things being the way they are for many reasons. Bishops telling people condoms spread disease and don’t work to the church threatening members of the current Philippines government. Truth is the picture is a lot broader but the church has had its hand in much of the problems. You look at the slum areas they have some of the nicest churches in the country, not because people are more giving but the fact is that people need “hope” more and the church is happy to feed on that habit. The health bill can bring some changes to the Philippines but only if the church also starts to help people get educated properly. Large families aren’t normal in the UK for example and those that are generally sit on the state welfare system which shows the connection between large families and poverty. The church should be educating people against large families that they cannot support and on top of that looking to find a balance between peoples faith needs and daily life. Currently I can only see selfish greed coming from the church who doesn’t want to lose its strangle hold on a devout population. At the same time I can also see people’s attitudes changing as they stop listening to the church. Thing is small families doesn’t mean they aren’t religious it just means they made decisions based on the damage that huge families have on direct family life, unable to educate all the children, struggle to feed the family or further more the strain it puts on the entire country. Truth is most families struggle to feed 2 adults never mind a hoard of children so in most cases I would say not to have any children unless you can afford to feed,educate and help them out of the loop that currently the Filipino society is stuck in.

But its not all the churches fault which is the point of this post as the blame has to fall on every individual for not doing their bit to create change. Poverty is always linked to corruption yet everyone sits waiting for someone else to fix the problems and even worse vote for people like Erap. He stole from the people, the government and for a president of a Catholic country lay in many beds with his mistresses. But gained millions of votes on the last election I would ask why did anyone vote for him? Education is also paramount to change as well as a severe change in attitude, I see Filipinos here that go against the grain as I have met probably a thousand people at least in the last 3 years and its only a small portion of them with drive and ambition for change not only for hope of a better country but also a drive of ambition to help themselves. Having a good job, cutting back on the social life and replacing it with a part-time business one. Single mothers who work online at night while during the day taking care of their kids, single mothers who will pretty much do what it takes to put food on the table as well as a few Pinoy friends with the same mentality. What I have found though is the smarter the woman the more chance she is single, devoted to a future and always betrayed by a previous partner. Odd thing is I wonder what their guys amounted to because the women have managed to educate the children, put a roof over their heads and got a work ethic and determination to keep things going. The guys on the other hand I can only really name less than 20 with the same determination. A work ethic is badly needed but also pride in the job at hand to make it the best possible. The Philippines has let its educated masses leave year on year which creates a void at the same time also creates any workers mentality to be the next flight out or waiting for Western Union from a relative it has to stop.

People have many capabilities they can use everyday but for some reason don’t. I look along the road I just laid stone and find people can’t even be bothered to keep the area clear of litter. I look to the street and thinking of how to beautify it at the same time reduce Dengue others just see a bit of land they don’t own. Respect is missing from too many things and its probably one of the things OFWs find more of abroad but also what they miss of they’re homelands more when they see the countryside, beaches etc. but in the mind its all beautiful but in reality walking along Minglanilla beach you find crap washed ashore all along it with very few fish surviving the waters due to pollution. Doesn’t have the same image of home yet responsible action by all could improve society for all as well as clean up the area and give one people want to live amongst instead of a day at the beach means heading to another area.

I see lots not being utilised for food partly a government problem, greed by landowners and also lack of interest by people. The odd thing is many foods can even grow on the flat roofs of houses which is why I don’t give beggars anything these days simply because I am not fixing the problem I am delaying it until tomorrow. A complete overhaul of how people got here, why they are here and should they be here needs to be done as many could have better lives back in their provinces with job creations if the corruption was stemmed. There should never be a need for beggars on a street and in a land like this where things grow so easily and almost anywhere there is nothing that couldn’t be done to help improve peoples way of lives if not completely remove their reliance on others for their daily food needs. The technology is there the problem is its not being introduced in a way it can rapidly spread throughout areas which gets back to “attitude” people need to move from a hand out to actually getting up and doing something to help themselves. Its a world problem where there are plenty of people and a growing number of them that are sitting waiting for others to take care of them. Its not right, its not just and its not needed.

Good education is expensive in the Philippines but I would also question are people getting enough of the right education and introduction of manners and respect. The amount of times I have heard “hey joe, You give me money” is rediculous and people will say it was left over by the Americans but how long ago was that? time stop still? on top of that a friend of mine had the phrase finish with “or I will kill you” from a school boy. Its this sort of disrespect that has leaked through society like a cancer, it has nothing positive in it the joking off is more to do with if the stupid foreigner gives me money ok but if not I will just make it look like a joke. This type of thing runs through society all the time and in foreigner terms its called “Kano price” when it comes to purchases but in the UK we call it racism and its illegal. Which is the odd thing because OFW’s wouldn’t let it happen in the UK they would be demanding their rights and protesting about the way they are treated but when a foreigner comes here if they don’t like it they can go home?? bad manners, mentality and disrespectful. At the same time I would give people the same price in the UK as I would anyone else as racism is a disease that has never brought anything positive.

I think the Filipino people are capable of doing all the changes themselves without outside interference problem is does anyone want to change? The country relies on OFWs to keep the country afloat yet here we are finding the middle east in turmoil, the West in severe recession and the OFW gravy train my not run forever. If China decides to expand into the OFW market of medical and seamanship which it already is there is only one way to keep an edge and its to be competative. China is lagging behind on many things at the moment but its catching up rapidly and if the Philippines isn’t careful its going to los
e a lot of its OFW customers to China. For me the answer is in the country not outside, you look at the middle east you see Oil and sand where is the future? You look at the Philippines it is full of natural resources as well as the ability for fishing to recover, farming etc. it could easily be looking to kerb its demand on imported rice to maybe even exporting, too much land lays empty right now and it should never happen. Especially for a country importing the excuse maybe that others can produce cheaper but I would say are people paying too much for land use, fertilizers, seeds etc. because no doubt corruption has its hand in the pie somewhere as usual. In reality feeding the country should come from within the country first and imports second doesn’t anyone ask why or want it to change? There are many things the Philippines can be doing but doesn’t seem to be its gearing for people to leave yet it should be working out what it can do here that is not just Call centres but real industries that bring jobs and futures as well as infrastructure.

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  1. Tropicalpenpals
    March 9, 2011 at 5:59 am

    As regards muslims and also Jewish families they are told to spread the word of their religion and in many cases its taken literally as go forward breed and take up more land. A justification lately came within several of the growing jewish sects stating that the reason Israel needs to expand is that they are told they need to spread the religion and now they need more land as Israels borders need more space. Religion at work, now I agree as stated that not all the problems are the churches as I said in the post. But the interference on birth control education as well as things like condoms are part of the problem as well and one the church has no right interfering in. Sexual education needs to be pushed home at schools as well as pushing the fact that underage sex is illegal and I would go as far as arresting people engaging in it to force people to start taking things seriously simply because most laws in the Philippines are treated as a joke and ignored.