Philippines Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Bullet in bag corruption

Bullet in the bag scam seems to be an ongoing problem in the Philippines. Primarily at the NAIA airport in Manila, although occurances of a similar nature have happened in Davao. But I am sure it will be dealt with far more severly there than Manila.

It involves a bullet(s) being placed in passengers bags in what seems to be a scam for cash. Where people are being asked for money to be left off with having a bullet in their bag. Which is allegedly already placed in there by a gang operating at the airport. I question what “gang” means as they would have to be airport staff and security to get access to luggage but also to be in a position of power to extort money.

The biggest concern for myself is its on the increase. Even with media coverage it doesn’t seem to be discouraging the criminals. I strongly advise if you don’t need to go to Manila airport go via another route. I know many people will say they haven’t had any hassles before. An American Missionary spent 6 days detained who no doubt felt the same way. Going via other airports shows a silent protest in the hope that someone may also actually do something to reverse the trend.

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