Philippines National Police (PNP) Special action force demonstration for President Aquino

Yes this isn’t the latest news and there is a reason for that I was pondering, the reason being was firstly it was too close to the Manila incident and unless the SAF have been trained a different way it was a waste of time and if the SAF were involved with the Manila bus incident (I don’t know) then their techniques and training were wrong as well as the fact correcting it would take at least a year.

So today I was just browsing and thought I would have a quick look and sadly I was disappointed. Before you even run the video have you noticed the window blasts are in a triangle? They are supposed to be rectangle and big enough for someone to pass through quickly once detonation. The force is bunched up and very obvious on approach which is fine if they boarded within the first few seconds. But like the actual bus incident that caused this rethink they have given time to the person inside the vehicle. The light explosion in the bottle I can’t even understand why they are making a show of it  the entry is confined and awkward to access.

Now I am trying not to do the “what would I do” because personally I think they need outside help with counter terrorist specialists which is more accessible than most people would believe. With the current Muslim extremist issues counter terrorist and intelligence agencies have been doing joint training and information sharing worldwide. I won’t post too much as you can research it (otherwise there is enough for a whole sub-section) but on June 3 –5th of this year there was a conference held in Russia involving 63 countries to do with counter terrorism. It would make sense for the Philippines to tap into some of the members for help in training the specialised units needed here. I know there is a pride thing going where asking for help may seem wrong but lets not forget most other countries regularly train together to learn from each other and its the only way to improve. If you take a look at other videos around such as on YouTube just count the seconds on how long it takes other special forces to clear a vehicle.

5 comments for “Philippines National Police (PNP) Special action force demonstration for President Aquino

  1. Allan Raymond
    September 12, 2010 at 6:32 am

    You could have a good laugh at that, if it was not for the fact they are still going to get people killed.

  2. Tropicalpenpals
    September 12, 2010 at 6:33 am

    They could just take a few youtube videos of other units and can see the difference instantly.. firstly it takes them over 30seconds to do anything and even on the video they still failed to storm the bus! From the times I have seen other forces its around 3-5seconds from start to complete over run of the situation. They need outside assistance to put this problem right.

  3. Allan Raymond
    September 12, 2010 at 6:33 am

    Even as they are moving in a gun man or worse still a group of them on the bus, knowing they are about to be shot would have time to kill almost everyone on the bus. Or take out at least half the SAF as they moved in.
    I think it would be funny to see them training with another country, because the normal thing is in such training is for the other countries special forces to be the gunman on the bus. I think they would watch them form up and start moving forward and then drive the bus 200 yards down the road and watch them form up again.
    I never have got this thing with Swat teams moving in as a group it gives a target so big they cant be missed. The confusion of men coming in fast from all directions has to work better.

  4. Tropicalpenpals
    September 12, 2010 at 6:34 am

    The stack system is viable in confined areas e.g. your about to go through a doorway to enter a building giving you maximum firepower in one area before entry as everyone is supposed to cover each other. On entry it should split into smaller groups where people know what everyone else is doing (not receiving a text msg to say there is a door at the back of the bus). Now in the defence of Manila’s police and the tactical unit above their tactics are no doubt based on U.S. SWAT team methods. If you research the numbers of times the U.S. SWAT teams have failed in the U.S. the odds were already against the guys in Manila poor training and poor equipment. Its the same reason I haven’t said at any point about getting SWAT team training from overseas I said counter terrorism as its a completely different make up and strategy base. On top of that you may find it funny that the U.S. SWAT teams COMPLAINED that the German GSG-9 beat all the teams in the World SWAT event Challenge where there were only 2 -3 foreign teams and nearly 20 American SWAT teams. Complaining that GSG-9 are anti-terrorist and not SWAT at the same time others are asking why the SAS wouldn’t enter a team as if they aren’t prepared to compete. I find the mentality bizarre but at the same time instead of them bitching about being beaten by a more professional unit they should actually be looking at why they were beaten.

  5. February 21, 2011 at 1:10 pm

    that’s why like that happend cause other philippines national police of special action force is not in duty like PO2 randy florida cabatan he is work on VIP not on his actualy work.why the coverment in philippines they not make an action of this man..that’s why so many foreign die or put on a denger…