Philippines National Broadband network still no solution in sight.

World InternetAlthough President Aquino is keen on a proposal for a new broadband network he refuses to revive the controversial NBN-ZTE broadband deal between the former President Arroyo and China as it was scrapped due to corruption in 2007 being leaked into the media in regards to the $339-million national broadband network (NBN). While the Philippines as usual sits backs and talks about how to deal with things the edge on BPO may disappear over time due to poor infrastructure caused by a lack of action in solving the on going technology issues in the country. The contract also couldn’t be revived for another reason being that the equipment is obsolete in technology terms which anyone in the telecommunications or electronics trade knows moves in days,weeks and months not years. I would also have to question why is the equipment so obsolete if they had bought it when they did as it shows it was probably old stock to start with as usual which you cannot afford to do with telecommunications. The Philippines could lead in the BPO and Internet services but seems to lag behind on personal gain being put before the country.

Aquino’s current solution seems to involve in collaborating with local telco businesses saying they are“already ready as far as broadband is concerned". If that is so true why is it so many people complain about the service being provided including myself with a poor connection and when back in the UK I am looking at a 20mb connection yet here I have a “Up to 1mb” which really means around 500kb if I am lucky!

DOST disputed that putting up the GBN is more cost affective long term due to current expenditure for the government of P2 billion for internet connectivity for 6.4 Gbps connection.

Are we seeing something now falling back into the realms of waiting years for an answer for something that should have already been upgraded years ago? Governments are famous for talk and little action and it looks like we are about to see more of the same.