Philippines land of sea, sun and sex or is it?

Over the time I have been living in the Philippines and spending time with both the foreigners and the local population you start to see a huge divide in personalities and expectations. For the Filipinas in general they are looking for a husband that can take care of them financially and in return they give everything they have. Although there is a lot of complications like all couples in the world. But with a mixture of issues that differ from maturity levels due to the environment most are brought up in. For a foreigner they are either here to hop between the bars, find a girl and make her aware that he is in full control because he controls the finances and what he says goes, or what seems to be happening more and more which is the western guy escaping the West to find the perfect partner. The advantage of the third kind of guy is simply he has already seen hardship, hate, divorce, separation, loss of at least one child and now looking for that which he wish he had found in the first place. I was discussing with my wife April earlier today a DB7 (Aston Martin) because I was looking at one in a garage. It was a strange time like looking in the past because it was easily reachable in my old life. I had a life a lot of people envy, more money than I needed the ability to take what I wanted and enjoyed life to the full. But its like a hollow existence because although I had my daughter Nicole there was a loveless relationship I had split from and although I had a busy schedule and a good life its like everything nothing is better than when its shared. Its where life doesn’t exist but an existence everything is within reach but that which you crave most.  That is what so many foreigners entering the Philippines are missing but I believe so many abuse the fact that happiness stares them in the face nearly every day. A suitable companion to share the world with or simply live out life in the Philippines appears in front of them and often these gifts are abused. I call it a gift because simply the majority of guys wouldn’t get a second look anywhere else in the world yet choose to abuse the situation. Not all mind.. but if you rake through the murders of foreigners for example there seems to be in most cases acts of stupidity or selfish greed putting themselves above others either sexually or by making assumptions..

I have experienced good and bad in the Philippines and to be honest if you look after the good the good will look after you. There was a phrase that John a friend of mine put a comment yesterday “within 30 minutes guys like us would attract women” and its true.. Its nice to have that attention but its the ability to smile and say “I’m married / taken” that makes value in your own life aswell as your partners. I also believe that straying can corrupt a relationship if even indirectly as your thoughts would be if a partner found out or you believe your partner worthless and you should be allowed to do as you please. I believe these things leak from the West as I have known so many people cheat on husbands and wives and it all pretty much ends up the same a complete mess. A lot of people may think I stick my wife on a pedestal up there but to be honest she deserves it she is a great wife and inspiration to me. Aswell as the fact I have felt nothing but happiness and love since we met and I feel the same way about April. In honesty I believe treat people as you want to be treated and I live by that. It has left me to prosper even in recession and I very rarely feel stressed about anything as I know I will always find a way for us to be happy. The same results can be found in and for you and your future..